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About Us

We are 100 % Volunteer run and a non-profit society

We are a place for people to come and learn pottery and work as a community

We have limited space therefore we can not support production pottery or work made outside of our studio.

 ‘Come and see our great space at the Clay Hub and be a part of the Cowichan Valley clay community.  

Membership Information


The Clay Hub collective is a Non-Profit Society that is 100% operated by volunteers. As a result, we rely on our Studio Members and Students to enjoy their time with us while respecting the rules that are required to keep this studio a safe, clean, and functional space for everyone.


Members must be 16 years or older on January 1st of the current membership year.

(Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the board)

Yearly Memberships can be purchased in January for $75.00. A person.

 Family memberships can be purchased for an additional $25.00 (total $100) and is defined as “immediate family” a parent and children ages 8 -16. Bring in one child at a time to the studio. ( 1 parent ,1 child )

A family membership is not a couple. Each person needs to purchase a membership with different member numbers. 

Membership fees are non-refundable, and the Board reserves the right to remove membership as necessary.


Access to open studio is available for 3 hour time slots for the cost of $10 or a token.

Tokens can be purchased from the monitor for $10 each or 6 tokens for $50.

No refunds for tokens whether given or bought.

Schedules for open studio are posted to the Clay Hub Collective website and in the studio.

Sign in when you arrive, and the monitor will collect your token or payment.

All clay used at the studio must be purchased at or provided by The Clay Hub.

All items must be made in the studio space.

This is not a production studio.

The weekly quantity of workspace is 2- 14”x 14” (35cm x 35cm) ware boards.

This is a small studio so please be mindful of the amount of space you use when the studio is busy.

Pieces made at home can not be brought in for firing or glazing. Pieces made at the Clay Hub that need finishing. ie. Burnishing, carving, intricate slip decoration can be finished at home and returned for firings.

No other clays can be used in the studio.

The price charged for clay covers the cost of glazes, bisque and glaze firing.

Clay is non- refundable.



  • No children under the age of 5 are allowed due to health and safety concerns.

  • All children under the age of 16 years must be directly supervised by a parent or guardian.

  • Although we love animals, there are no pets allowed at the studio

  • Safety equipment is not the responsibility of the Clay Hub Collective. If a member requires safety equipment, she/he/they/them, must provide that equipment.

  • Students taking classes will have access to the studio for a determined period of time after their class ends. Check with your instructor.

  • Due to limited space all green ware has a 1-month limit on the open studio shelf.

  • All bisque and glazed items have a 2-month limit on the shelf. Then they will be discarded if not picked up. (If you think you are going to be longer, we encourage you to take your bisque pieces and clay home to store.)



  • Please be respectful of other members while you share this common space. Cell phones must be on silent and calls taken away from the work area.

  • Never run the tap water or pour anything down the sink unless directed by a monitor. Ask the monitor where to dump water that has been used to wash the floor.

  • Please clean all areas of your workstation, tools, and floor once you have finished your work, return tools and equipment where they belong. It is important to give yourself enough time to do this efficiently.

  • Ensure you are familiar with the practice of the glaze area by reviewing the glaze manual. The monitor can support you with information if needed.

  • Do not touch other people’s work. If you need to make room on drying or glaze shelves, please request the assistance of the monitor.

  • All studio questions or issues should be emailed to the Board of Directors at

  • For more information on instructors and classes go to 


       Revised: Nov 2023


Due to the possibility of clay dust being present in the studio we are unable to allow children 5 years and under to access the studio. 

All memberships and clay can not be paid online, Please come into the studio to pay and register to receive your member number

                At this time we have No Gift Certificates available for any purchases Sorry for the inconvenience


Refund policy

Starting June 1st 2021

There is no refund for memberships, only classes

Students can cancel up to 2 weeks prior to the start of a class or workshop for a full refund minus the processing fee.

After the two week deadline please contact us via the website under contact us

include class name, date starting, instructor's name and price of class, receipt #,

and your contact information with address. It will then be submitted to the board for approval. We will then send you a cheque in the mail or credit your credit card.  Thank you

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